Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Baby Essentials 0-3 Months!

If you are a regular around here, you know I LOVE a good shopping guide. Sharing my faves with you is one of my favorite things to do... Especially for baby items. There are SO MANY ITEMS on the market these days and it can be intense and overwhelming when shopping for your (or family and friends) new little one! My two youngest are only 21 months apart and I was still shocked at all the new things available to me for the new baby! Benson just turned four months old (update coming soon) so I thought it would be a good idea to share our 0-3 month essential items. Linked above are products I literally would have STRUGGLED without. The newborn phase is fleeting but intense and the last thing you need is a bunch of stuff in your way that you will never use! In some cases less is more, so lets jump in and get to the important stuff! 

Muslin Swaddles: Obviously any brand or print will do. I just linked one of my favorite prints above! I LOVE muslin blankets, whether it's a full quilt or a swaddle. They are lightweight enough for warm weather, but you can bundle your little squish up in the winter as well. The vast majority of brands I have tried have stayed soft and held up wash after wash, and they are usually big enough to grow with baby through toddler hood. Depending on size and brand they can be a little pricey, but I feel like they are worth the investment. 

SwaddleMe Wrap: My son was born late February and I constantly worried about him being too cold. Regardless of the time of year, it is not recommended for babies to sleep with blankets. After googling around I decided Swaddle wraps were my safest bet to keep him warm and feeling safe. There are so many different styles on the market, but the idea is the same... keep your babe nice and cozy and safe for the night! 

Latch Bottle: As you probably already know we planned to breastfeed but wanted a bottle on hand for emergencies or if we were going to be separated for more than an hour or two. I researched so many different bottles and finally settled on Latch by Munchkin! Benson had literally ZERO issues going from breast to bottle and back. I was so worried he would have latch confusion but it was smooth sailing! I liked the nipple design and the anti-colic valve inside the bottle, and they are priced modestly. My only concern is they have become hard to find in my area, so you might have to order online. 

Medela Sonata Pump: As mentioned above we planned to breastfeed, but I wanted to pump for emergencies or short separations from my baby. whether you plan to EBF, exclusively pump, or breastfeed and supplement its good to have a pump on hand. 

Muslin Burp Cloths: You will never have enough burp cloths. Lets just get that right out of the way... lol! I prefer muslin burp cloths because they are soft and I don't have to worry about hurting my babes face while wiping it clean. They look nice, feel nice, and do their job. You can't ask for more than that! 

Cloud Island Sleepers: My babies tend to live in sleepers the first few months of their lives... okay. The first year of their life if I'm being totally honest. They are comfy, cozy, easy to take on and off for changes... I live for them. Especially if they have zippers! This momma doesn't have time to be messing with snaps at 3 am. No ma'am. Cloud Island has some of the cutest and most affordable sleepers I've found. I love how many cute prints they offer and there are usually mittens and hats to match! The zippers are smooth and they wash well... that's a yes from me, Simon. 

Fisher-Price Starlight Swing: Both of my babies LIVE for their swing. There are a lot of options out there, but I've never went wrong with FP. If there is one "extra" baby item you invest in, make it a swing. Trust me. 

MAM Pacifiers: I know pacifiers are somewhat of a controversial thing, but I have let my children use them and they have been a life saver. So far MAM brand have been a fave in our household! 

Mittens: Tiny hands. Cold Fingers. Sharp nails. Do you and your babe a favor and keep mittens on them at least the first month! You are not "taking their hands away". Protect their delicate skin and keep them nice and warm... and you cant tell me they don't look cute! 

So there you have it fam... My must have, can't live without, essential baby items for 0-3 months. Think of something I left out? Disagree with an item on my list? Leave me a comment below! Thanks for hanging out, until next time... 


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