Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Spring Break 2018 Adventures

The past week has been a crazy one. My older two children were on spring break, which came at an odd time. We are used to spring break starting on Good Friday and having the week after Easter off. Unfortunately this year it didn't fall that way, but it is what it is. Even worse... the weather has been DISGUSTING. 

Mother nature is clearly confused because break started with a warm sunny day, and Easter night it snowed. Every day in between was mostly chilly, rainy weather. Typical for spring I guess, but not awesome when you have three kids that want to go out and play and are literally bouncing off the walls. We were fortunate enough to go on TWO picnics and enjoy the park. I don't get fancy with our picnic lunches... I literally throw some coldcut sandwiches (or PB for my picky eater), a few snack size bags of chips, bottles of water and maybe a fruit snack in a reusable shopping bag and we hit the road. I figure its not about being crazy creative so much as spending time together, right? Plus they eat it as quickly as I will allow so they can go play, anyway. The point is, we had fun! Flying kites, dinosaur fossil digs, wooden structure adventures...and a treacherous seesaw. We did it all, folks!  

This year we had a chill Easter. With a newborn I wasn't trying to get super crazy. Personally, we don't go over the top with baskets (and forgot to snap a photo of them this year). I see some people on social media treat Easter like a second Christmas... to each their own, but that's just not how we do things. We prefer to buy a little bit of candy and activities for outdoor play. I am upset that we were so relaxed this year we missed the opportunity to get the kids picture taken with the Easter Bunny. As a kid I hated it, but my kids don't seem to mind...we will have to make up for it next year! WE did dye eggs of course, and we even went so far as to bake small Easter egg cakes for the kids to decorate. I scored major cool mom points for that one. Elizabeth wasn't really interested in dying eggs, and she ate more icing than anything else, but they had a good time and that's all that my momma heart needs. I love to see them get excited for festive activities. 

Brandon and I also decided to have a small egg hunt at home due to the weather. We didn't really want to drag the baby out in the cold, and Elizabeth had never participated before... maybe next year we will take them to one our town hosts now that she knows whats up. It took her a little while to figure out what we were doing, but once she did she loved it! I can't wait for next year... Benson could be waddling around by then. 

Even with the unfavorable weather we had a wonderful break. I'm happiest when Brandon and I get to spend time with all the babies, it was much needed. I cannot wait for warmer weather and summer break! We spent some time scouting out a few new spots for fun in this summer...I cannot wait to share with you! As always, thank you so much for stopping by and spending a little bit of your day with me. I hope you had a blessed Easter spent with loved ones.

He is Risen! 


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