Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Meet Benson

As you might have noticed, I took about a month off from social media. No blog posts, seldom posting to Instagram and twitter... Momma needed to unplug. Getting ready for our son to arrive and trying to keep up with my daily life at nine months pregnant was A LOT. I was exhausted and honestly didn't want the added pressures that sometimes accompanies social media. I am so glad I made that decision, but I am ready to dip my toes back in the water again.

I am so so so so over the moon happy to introduce our Son, Benson Reid. He was born at 10:39 pm on the 20th of February, weighing seven pounds 13 ounces and he was twenty inches long!  I plan to write a full birth story for you all, but in short: I was induced at 7am and it was hands down SO much better than my daughters labor. I was so afraid of being induced (mainly because of the complications that can arise) but my labor progressed beautifully. I pushed for around twenty minutes, and a lot of that was waiting. It was only three contractions with the doctor and he was born! Brandon and I are so in love, I can't even put it into words. So far he is a pretty good baby, breastfeeding is going okay (more on that later), and his big sister is still adjusting to him. When I can steal a few minutes away this weekend I will share more on our experience and how things are going... the last two weeks have flown by and I am just trying to soak in as many newborn cuddles as I can.

I am so excited to continually share my mom life journey with you all. I am so grateful for those of you who have supported me (and this blog) for so long, through all the ups and downs life brings. I gotta go, my baby is fussy and my toddler is wreaking havoc on my house. To keep up with us daily, don't forget to follow my other social media accounts! Until next time. 


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