Monday, March 26, 2018

Baby Update: One Month Old!

O N E 

Benson Reid is one month old! I know I'm becoming repetitive... "I can't believe it," and "I don't know how.." But its true. I feel like time moves so swiftly and between sleepless nights and busy days I don't realize how much has passed until we hit milestones like this. He amazes me everyday! I feel like he's always been a member of our family...and we finally feel like our family is complete. 

On March 20th we went to his one month checkup and it went PERFECTLY! He now weighs 9 pounds and 7 ounces! He gained almost two and a half pounds in a month! I am so excited (even though I miss having a tiny newborn) because there was slight concern in the beginning with how much he lost and how slowly he was gaining it back. Fortunately all is well and he is gaining great. He is 21 and a half inches long, so he is considered proportional in height and weight which makes my momma heart happy. Everything else checked out good as well! Our pediatrician was impressed and surprised by how active and alert he is for a month old. She said its probably because he has three older siblings and it stimulates him, and he wants to try to "keep up" so to speak. He is pushing himself up during tummy time and his head control is awesome as well. 

Unfortunately his sleep schedule isn't going as well as everything else... We are still tweaking his schedule, but he wakes up at least twice a night to eat (which is fine, obviously). However his last feeding is at four am and he seems to think that is the perfect time to wake up for the day. I have the hardest time getting him back to sleep, and by the time I do and go back to sleep myself its nearly time to start the day. My toddler sleeps in for no one, yall. 

Benson loves to cuddle, nurse, and stays up for long stretched during the day, with two long naps in between. Newborn clothes are now too small and that breaks my heart! I'm not ready to pack those away yet. Maybe its because hes our last, but I'm finding it a lot harder this time around. He is still mommas mini, other than it looks like his eyes will stay blue. 

Elizabeth and Benson have gotten used to each other. Its so sweet how much she loves to hug and love on him now! If he cries, she immediatley runs up to me and says "Mommy! He's crying'! Baby crying." It's the cutest thing. I want to do an in depth post about parenting two under two, but I can say this now: its not easy. Loooooord in Heaven, its not easy. But its so worth it. 

Thank you all for following my pregnancy journey, and continuing to follow along now. I appreciate every single one of you who read and visit my social media. You're the best and my major motivation for sticking with this. So thank you! 


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  1. Little Benson is so sweet! I remember when my son was this small, he's almost five months now! Love baby updates- great post mama!


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