Friday, January 5, 2018

Toddler Sickness Survival Kit: Six Items You NEED!

Toddler Sickness Survival Kit

Sickness has struck our home lately in full force. We are on the mend, praise the Lord! After putting away our "sick supplies" I thought it might be helpful if I shared some of our must haves to keep our babies comfortable while under the weather.

1. Safety 1st Forehead Thermometer : I feel like this is a no brainer! As a mom, I have like ten (not exaggerating) thermometers stashed all over the house...and I NEVER trust them. I'm always worried that the reading was inaccurate, I didn't do it right, blah blah blah. You know how crazy our minds can get when our babies are sick and we immediately go to the worst case scenario. I do, anyway. I love this thermometer because it's easy to use, almost always gives me the same reading when I double check (again, because mom anxiety) and takes he guesswork out of caring for my sweet little's when they are sick. The best part is its affordable and just a click or Target visit away! (...and who doesn't love a reason to go to Target???) 
2. Maty's Vapor Rub: This item is a new addition to my mom arsenal. If you follow me on other social media, you know we have all been terribly sick (along with the rest of the world unfortunately.) This cold/flu has been the first sickness that Elizabeth has caught that has sincerely worried obviously I was looking into anything that would help make her feel better and more comfortable. I know when I'm sick, vapor rub is my go-to. However, the menthol in most brands is NOT a good idea for little ones, especially those under two. After searching the internet I found Maty's Vapor Rub...basically relief in a jar without all the yucky unsafe stuff. After one use on Elizabeth's chest she was comfortable enough to sleep...and sleep is good for EVERYONE when babes are sick. 
3. Pedialyte Advanced Care : Sore throat? Cough? Tummy troubles? Chances are your baby isn't wanting to eat or drink, and that can get dangerous fast. I always break out some Pedialyte to make sure our kids don't get dehydrated and make a bad situation worse. You can find it in all kinds of flavors, even my pickiest child will drink it without a complaint! 
4. Boogie Wipes: Seriously I can't tell you how many times I have wiped sad little people noses lately. The things that can come out of there when they are sick is TERRIFYING, y'all. I received a pack of these wipes at my baby shower for Elizabeth and was intrigued...but thought a tissue was just as good. FTM moment for sure....these little babies are awesome! The saline in them makes it easy to get all the junk and gunk off their face without leaving them with a raw nose and tears. I LIVE by these and use them for myself if I need to wipe my nose often...they work fam. Give it a try.  
5. Infant Motrin : Controversial in some mom circles? Yes. We have discussed it with our pediatrician and feel comfortable giving Elle and the other babes relief when they need it. Its up to you, but it works for us! 
6. Humidifier: We recently invested in a new humidifier and I can't tell you how mad I am at myself. We should have done this years ago.We keep this thing on every night, it has helped us so much with our cough and just being more comfortable overall. This particular humidifier is affordable (they get super pricey) and effective.

There are several other items we love, but these are my new must haves! Do you agree? Have suggestions? Leave me a comment below and I'll be sure to check them out. Thank you so much for reading y'all. Bless. 

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