Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Pregnancy Update: 34 Weeks!

Y'all, If I know one thing, it's this: this pregnancy has not been as easy as my first. I am nearly at the end of my eighth month and I am FEELING IT! Round ligament pain has me barely able to walk at times, rolling over in bed is almost impossible (and excruciating), and lately I'm barely able to lift my left leg high enough to put a shoe on. Its been real fun, folks. I honestly don't remember being this uncomfortable with Elizabeth until we hit like five or six days overdue. My bump feels so heavy, almost like I can feel the weight of him pulling downwards. I love having a bump, it's something I always envied on other pregnant women and anticipated for myself. I am trying to enjoy the bits that I can because I know it is such a brief season of life and before I know it, it will be over. Mama isn't feeling great, or sleeping great, but I am excited for whats to come in just a few weeks. 

Saturday we had a little baby moon of sorts (that included our one year old). After a few hours in the car, we stopped to see Brandon's good friend and his wife, who had twin boys in the fall. They were so sweet! Talk about sending the baby fever into overdrive, fam. After a nice visit we left with a trash bag FULL of baby clothing...a lot of them were new with tags. It's funny, because I told Brandon a week ago I wasn't sure we had enough NB/ we have way more than we could ever need. Such a blessing! We drove north for another two hours and made it to our hotel. Brandon booked us a suite with a jetted tub! This momma has never been more comfy in her life. I'm telling you I could live in that thing! It was a wonderful night. I was so caught up in the moment, just enjoying our time together I didn't take any blog worthy photos. Bummer! 

Along with the wonderful clothing we picked up, I also placed an order with Mama. You are probably already familiar with the site, but its basically just an extension of I personally prefer to shop via the app, but both work just fine! I know there are some people who swear by them, and others who don't... I plan on posting a haul/review once everything arrives. I've only had good experiences, and I'm particularly excited for the car seat/nursing cover I scored for $7.00 shipped. Most comparisons I found online were at least $30, so it's a steal in my book. 

I also had my 34 week appointment, and everything went okay. My BP was a little higher than normal, but not high enough to raise alarm. At my next appointment (36 weeks) I will switch to weekly visits.That's how you know you are very pregnant and the home stretch is in sight.... I'm so excited! I have my Group B test and first cervix check then as well... I don't expect any exciting news, but fingers crossed. You never know. Thank you all for hanging out with me, I appreciate it so much!

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