Wednesday, January 3, 2018

New Year, Same ME. Kinda.

I never fail to amaze myself....and by amaze myself I mean come up completely short of everything I had planned for the last month. Its currently early afternoon, the first day of 2018...and you guessed it, I was a HUGE vlogmas flop. I started out the month of December so so so sick...had a week or so grace period and here I am again, terribly sick and heavily pregnant and completely over it. Unfortunately this time around everyone in my house (and around the world, honestly) is trying to cope with this miserable sickness. It started the day after Christmas for me and I cannot get rid of it, but I have been treating the symptoms and praying it clears up soon.

I have set a few small goals for myself for 2018...nothing crazy or over the top (although those resolutions are amazing too!) I just wanted to loosely guide myself through this year. I think if I had very detailed strict resolutions, considering I'll have a newborn, that would just be a set up for failure. To be honest with all of you, my main goal for the first few months of this year is to survive. Yep. Aiming for the stars, aren't I? With this pregnancy coming to a close, having a newborn, moving, keeping up with my personal fitness goals and what I want for my blog/social's all about survival those first few months. Get through this pregnancy, and those precious first few weeks with our boy, and I am set.

I'm not really all about the "New Year, New Me," craziness anyway. I'm more about New Year, Better Me. Same me, just slightly improved, ya know? Because if you ask me, we are all pretty awesome.... while there's always room for improvement in some area of our lives I don't think its necessary to do a complete overhaul and set unrealistic expectations (and inevitably feel like a failure when you can't meet every single goal you set for yourself.) So lets commit to making 2018 the best year we can, embracing the things we can't control with grace and making our best effort to change the parts of ourselves that need it. 

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  1. Thanks for sharing. I'm working at my goals for the year as well. Happy 2018!


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