Friday, January 19, 2018

Currently I'm...

Oh, Hi! My goal for this little happy place in 2018 is to share several times a week... I don't really have a set schedule, but I want to make a more regular appearance in your life on a weekly basis. You know? To be totally honest I am heavily pregnant (as you know) so I don't have a ton of "things" going on. I'm not going on fabulous adventures, crazy outings with the kids, or doing a whole lot other than nesting and resting, y'all. Nesting and Resting...I think I just came up with a new motto. How fab. Anyway, Target and doctors appointments are as crazy as its getting around here for the next few weeks! Live enviously through me, It's alright. I was at a loss for what to share today when it hit me: Why not just show them what you ARE doing, and forget about what you aren't. I feel like the end of a pregnancy can be a little isolating, so here's my attempt at sharing a piece of life with you all... here we go!

Bonus pic of the babes because...welll....who doesn't love all the cute?!

Currently I'm...

Making// pizza in the oven. I've been cleaning ALL DAY (nesting and resting! haha. ok I'll stop) so when I asked the kids what they wanted, and pizza was the answer, I was ecstatic. Well, maybe ecstatic is a little bit much...but I was happy I had pizzas in the freezer that take zero time and they love it. Win, win, Folks.

Listening to// my kids playing at like five octaves higher than necessary. Whatever. They aren't killing each other or whining, so its cool. My sister tagged me in a Paramore video on Facebook today, and I've also been listening to Still Into You on repeat.

Wishing// for a trip somewhere warm, preferably a beach. With a new baby coming soon, we are postponing our annual Florida trip. I've been looking at our pictures from last spring, and it makes my heart sad. A hot bath in a jetted tub also sounds heavenly right now. Think I could get Brandon to take me back to our hotel for the weekend? Nah? Me neither.

Eating// the chocolate cake my mom surprised me with this evening. Is there anything better than chocolate cake on a Friday night? Made by your Mom with love? I don't think so.

Withholding// an urge to lock my dogs away for the night and send the kids to bed early. Momma is TIRED.

Ignoring// the basket of laundry sitting in my face that's needed to be folded for days. At least its clean, right?

Excited for// my nieces eighth birthday party tomorrow afternoon. Good food, great company, and more cake. It's going to be fabulous!

Grateful for// Brandon. He has been helping me so much lately around the house (lets face it, I can hardly bend anymore) without (much) complaint. He's been putting Elizabeth to bed every night, which has been such a big help. He put Baby Boy's bassinet together last night...tonight its the swing...he just doesn't know it yet.

Getting sidetracked by// ericafitlove on Instagram. She is everything I aspire to be, both mentally and physically. She's got an amazingly hot bod, shes funny, and posts awesome fitness related content. You definitely need to check her out! Seriously though, her stories give me life.

Dreaming about// holding my sweet little squish. I just can't wait.

Saying thank you to// my MIL. That woman surprised me with more clothing for the baby, in various sizes. I like the way she thinks.

Leaving this post because// the peace treaty between the children has ended, and I must intervene. I also want more cake. Peace!

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