Monday, October 9, 2017

Pregnancy Update: Weeks 18-20

So maybe I dropped the ball on pregnancy updates... as you already know, I was posting them a week (or more) behind and then Elizabeth and I picked up the most awful cold! It has completely thrown me off every schedule, but luckily I  feeling better and ready to recap for you all. Unfortunately my poor baby is still under the weather, but slowly getting back to her normal self. I had no idea how hard it would be to see my girl sick, even if it’s just a cold. I can’t wait until she’s one hundred percent herself again. 

As far as baby boy goes all is well. I’m finally feeling his little kicks and punches on and off all day! It makes me so happy... and also has me dreading those full term baby kicks that will be coming soon. My poor ribs were constantly sore with Elizabeth at the end. Considering the way this guy moves it won’t be different this time around! 

We had our anatomy scan three days ago and it went okay. I wish I could say it went wonderfully, but I was sick. Elizabeth screamed the entire time. Baby boy was in an awkward position and the tech couldn’t get the measurements she needed. Brandon couldn’t make it due to a work commitment... it just wasn’t the best experience. Fortunately we get to go back in early November to try to get what they need and Brandon will definitely be going.... and I will definitely be getting a babysitter for Elle. Hopefully the tech can get what she needs and it will all go smoothly. 

I really don’t have many new symptoms other than ungodly hot flashes. We are officially half way there and I’m praying that they go away or cold weather moves in. I’m hot 24/7 and constantly sweating. It’s gross and I’m miserable in anything but crop yoga pants and a tee shirt. I have noticed some cramping/contractions on and off. My doctor said that since I am further along now it could be my uterus “practicing” for the real thing, but to try to stay off my feet a ton and drink plenty of water. If it becomes consistent we will look further into it, and I’m comfortable with that. 

I believe I have recapped the last few weeks to my best ability, and I’m so grateful for how patient you all are. Thank you so much! 

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