Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Pregnancy Update: 21 Weeks!

Holy swelling! Cramps. Random Nausea.  That pretty much sums up week 21 of this pregnancy! It’s been a week of sleepless nights followed by exhausted days. I’m sincerely trying to enjoy the way things are now because there’s nothing like the exhaustion you experience with a newborn. I can remember literally struggling to keep my eyes open during those first few months of life with Elizabeth. Right now her nap time is my favorite time of day! 

I had a doctors appointment this week that went fairly well. Baby’s heartbeat was a strong 158 beats per minute and he’s moving quite frequently now. They found keytones in my urine (gross I know) so hopefully that just means I was dehydrated at the time. I don’t have bladder infection symptoms and I’m praying that isn’t a sign of more serious issues. Remember to drink your water fam! Pregnant or not, it’s important. 

We haven’t made any new purchases for baby boy yet, I’m currently focusing on picking up Christmas gifts for the kids. After the holidays I’m going to do a massive shopping trip... I can’t wait to get everything ready for him! I know with how busy we are the next few months will fly by...and I’ll be introducing you all to our sweet boy. I can’t wait. 💜

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