Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Early BFP Symptoms

I don't know if this is something people tend to blog about, but if my experience can help even one person I believe its worth sharing. After YEARS of trying to have a baby, tracking my BBT (basal body temp.), logging in symptoms...it can become exhausting. This post isn't necessarily about all that, but it might be a journey ill share at another time. Today I want to talk about how you feel AFTER you conceive. Yep, the dreaded two week wait/early BFP symptoms! I know these symptoms can vary widely from person to person, and can often mimic period symptoms, but I thought I would share regardless. I know I used to read and watch people talk about their BFP symptoms often, so someone out there is probably searching for this too.

1. Heavy, relentless cramping.  Yes, I know nine times out of ten this is a period symptom...but I've experienced it with every pregnancy up until the second trimester!

2. Cold & Sickness. With my daughter I did not catch the link to a head cold and pregnancy until my doctor pointed out that my immune system took a hit while carrying a baby, so this didn't clue me in back then. However when I woke up with a headache, sore throat and congestion in June, I knew something could be amiss.

3. Unquenchable thirst. I have NEVER been more thirsty than when I'm expecting. I can easily knock back a gallon of water a day. Unfortunately that also means many trips to the bathroom, but they come hand in hand.

4. Tender breasts. Pretty self explanatory.

5. Insomnia. This is probably my least favorite early BFP symptom. For me, the exhaustion doesn't kick in until around week eight. Before that I am unable to sleep....I will literally wake up every hour all night long. Its the worst!

There you have it. My very early pregnancy symptoms. Like I said earlier, these will vary for every woman and even for every pregnancy. Hopefully this helps someone out there,and it will be fun for me to look back on later since my symptom tracking days are over. Thank you so much for reading, I'll see you soon.

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