Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Pregnancy Update: 16 Weeks

Let's talk about my sixteenth week of pregnancy, shall we? (BTW can we just take a second to soak up how unbelievable that is??) it's a little unsettling how quickly this pregnancy is passing by...and I know it will go by even faster once the holidays roll around. I'm a little late in posting this... My weeks flip on Fridays and it's now the following Wednesday. What can I say, time gets away from me sometimes! Our weekend was super packed taking all three kids all over creation to spend Chandlers birthday money. In case you're wondering, we went to three stores and spent forty five minutes standing in the toy aisle of Walmart trying to make a decision,  lo and behold he ended up buying a video game we looked at in the first five minutes of being in the store. Go figure.

Once we were home recuperating from our shop-a-thon I realized a new symptom has popped up: swollen feet. Y'all I'm telling you I hardly every had this issue with Elizabeth's pregnancy, and when I did it was at the very end. I'm not even halfway and I already have swollen tender feet if I stand for more than an hour at a time. I'm hoping and praying this isn't a signal of complications down the road, so do me a favor and send good vibes my way. Thankfully morning sickness has almost disappeared completely... I only notice it if I go long periods without food or eat something sweet on an empty stomach. It's so crazy how much each pregnancy is different! With Elizabeth all I wanted was sweets. Cookies, cake, ice cream (which I normally do not like) and donuts were my constant craving. This time around I can hardly stomach sweets and if I do want something sugary, the craving is satisfied with a bite or two. Let's hope this carries over after baby boy is should make losing the baby weight a whole lot easier!

Speaking of baby weight, I still haven't gained a pound. Initially with morning sickness I lost around five pounds and still haven't gained that back, so fingers crossed I can make it into the third trimester before the weight comes on. I was the same way with Elizabeth and my doctors assure me its totally I'm not gonna complain! My goal is to gain 20 pounds total with this baby... Maybe I'm nuts but I'm committed to it! With my OB's blessing I've started doing cardio every day at nap time and it was so hard the first few days! After fifteen weeks of inconsistent exercise the struggle was so real. I'm finally starting to finish my time strong, so I'm going to add another five minutes as of Monday so we'll see how that goes! I've been following up with yoga afterward and it's made the biggest difference in my sleep and just overall how I feel. I wish I would have done prenatal yoga with my last pregnancy, I know I would have felt so much better. You should always consult your doctor before starting a new exercise routine, and there's SO MANY free resources on Pinterest...I encourage you to check it out!

Unfortunately I've slacked majorly on the bump photos so far, so that's a goal for the rest of this pregnancy. On the bright side I've been feeling this little guy kick and wiggle and it's the best feeling in the world! I can't wait until it's more consistent and I can really feel those strong movements. It's one of my favorite parts of pregnancy for sure. It makes everything feel so whoa, hey, you're really in there! Talk about feeling real...we've done a little shopping! In the video below I share our early gender reveal ultrasound experience and a little haul of random baby items we've picked up.

And that's my sixteenth week of pregnancy! I can't wait to share week seventeen with you all ( and hopefully film a vlog to go with it) along with a few other exciting things coming soon. Thank you all so much for taking the time to read (or watch) and share this journey with means more than words.

Stay Blessed.

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