Tuesday, September 5, 2017

How To: Keeping Toys Mold Free

My kids live for bath time, especially a bubble bath. My eight year old loves to "soak and relax" (no, I'm not kidding) and my younger two love to splash and play. What kid doesn't?

While scrolling through a mommy group on Facebook I saw a post that sincerely horrified me. Y'all.... a woman noticed some of her sons bath toys had dark spots on the inside, so naturally she investigated by cutting one open. I'm literally gagging trying to type this... inside was covered in mold! MOLD. I stopped reading right then and there and went into the bathroom, grabbed a rubber duck, and cut that sucker open. I was disgusted. It stunk to high heaven and was slimy and had little specks of mold inside... maybe this is something I'm late to the party on but I honestly had no idea this could happen!

I read through the comments on that post and a few moms had an awesome idea.... hot glue the openings to keep water out! Boom! Problem solved! Honestly I wish I could shake the hand of whoever originally thought this up, because it's genius. Anyway, I rounded up all the toys that weren't water tight and tossed them. My daughter chews on those toys and it just makes my stomach turn knowing they were so yucky. Ugh.

After a somewhat disappointing trip to Walmart to get replacements (they didn't have much to choose from) I came home and fired up my glue gun. Most of the toys I bought had one little opening that needed to be taken care of...it literally took two minutes start to finish! Elizabeth loved playing with her new toys and I loved not having to worry about slimy mold hiding inside them! Win win!

I always clean off they kids toys after a bath and lie them out to dry, and now I feel even better about keeping them clean and safe for my babies. I hope you all enjoyed this post, thank you so much for reading!


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