Saturday, August 26, 2017

Surprise! First Trimester Recap

I remember writing a similar post when I was pregnant with my daughter, Elizabeth...its wild that we are here doing this again. Today, I am officially fourteen weeks pregnant with our last baby.




I bet you weren't expecting that! Unless you know me in real life, or follow me on my YouTube channel where I make consistently irregular pregnancy updates. Speaking of YT the vlogs will be much more regular now that I am out of the icky stage for the most part and will be able to muster the energy to film! I have been waiting to update here simply because there isn't much going on week to week for the first three months. A lot of all the time sickness, a surplus of exhaustion, and occasionally a short lived burst of energy. That's about it. However this pregnancy has been much different than my last simply because I don't feel like I am going to pass out at all times, and the all day sickness has waned considerably. With my last, I was sick well into the second trimester and it. Was. Miserable.

Things are also a little different this time around because I am on a thyroid medication that I didn't need before... Maybe all these differences mean we are team blue instead of pink this time around? What do you think?? I want to give the old wives tales a try, maybe the baking soda test and the ring test? I plan to film a video/post letting you all know the "results" before I do a legit gender reveal. It will be fun to see how accurate (or inaccurate) they are!

In other news, I haven't gained any weight yet (I've actually lost six pounds) but I am to that uncomfortable point where it's time to break out the maternity pants. EXpect a haul soon, because I wasn't the biggest fan of the maternity jeans I wore with my last pregnancy. I am also going to need a lot of fall/winter clothing, but for now I am going to buy a few summer tops as well.

To be completely honest I am so overwhelmed and excited for this baby to arrive and close this chapter of our lives. Our family will finally be complete and we are so blessed! I can't wait to share with you all, in the meantime stay wonderful and thank you for reading.

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