Thursday, June 1, 2017

Memorial Day Weekend 2017

I gotta tell tell you guys, I had one of the best weekends I've had in a long time. We didn't do anything fancy, didn't go anywhere extravagant and exciting. We unplugged (for the most part) and just spent time together. About six year ago Brandon's dad bought all of the grandkids little four wheelers. I'm sure if you are well versed in this sort of thing, you know the actual name for the mini kid friendly things, but I just call them baby four wheelers! Most of the grandkids, apart from Cameron, Chandler and their cousin, have outgrown them. Grandpa generously gave chandler his own, and a second slightly larger one for the boys to share. When I say for the boys to share let me be clear: for Brandon to ride on. What can I say...he's a kid at heart and I love it. It keeps us young and on our toes! Since Grandpa Tad was so generous, we spent most of Monday morning recovering from a late movie night (spoiler alert: Boss Baby is AWESOME!) and then made the twenty ish minute drive to pick them up. I can't even put into words how elated my boys were. I'm not gonna lie, I was a little excited too. While we waited for Brandon and Tad to load them up Cameron and Chandler decided to "mow" the grass, and visit with the neighbors horse.

Once we loaded up we headed to the store to get paint because the baby four wheeler that chandler inherited was hot pink camouflage, and he wasted no time in telling us that's not his style. After spending way too long arguing over which shade of green would look the best ( he wanted baby poo diarrhea green...yuck) we made it home with two cans of high gloss "spring green." After a good scrub, three coats later it was looking pretty sharp if I do say so myself. Clearly we still need to touch up a few places and go over the black areas where they weren't protected enough...but a five year old only has so many patience.... And he was on E. Big brother got to drive first since he has been riding since he was about two and  half and couldn't wait to show Chandler the ropes. After riding with Brandon for a while, he was able to take off on his own! (And don't worry, his had been adjusted so he couldn't go very fast) Honestly, I am pretty sure in the two years I've been step mommin' these boys, I've never seen Chandler more proud of himself. He was a little nervous at first, and still needs a bit of practice before we take him out to ride, but he did a really good job! btw can we all just say a prayer for my yard please?   

My yard might have a few tracks, my kitchen was a mess after all the food I cooked, but my heart was so full I hardly noticed. 

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