Saturday, May 27, 2017

Starting Over For the Last Time

My postpartum mommas (or any woman trying to improve their health) can understand the struggle I've been dealing with lately. I am 12 month PP and I gotta say trying to get back into my groove has been so hard. In the beginning I was recovering and prayed for that six week mark to come quickly on a daily basis. When it finally arrived I became overwhelmingly aware of how different my body is now. My back is so sensitive from my epidural. Running was painful for my breasts (TMI? Not sorry, I'm being real here.) I could go on for hours but I won't bore you, and Law and Order SVU will be on soon so I gotta hurry up.

I tried taking things slow with Yoga and building my back strength, which did help. Time flew by and I was so shleep deprived before I knew it the holidays were here and  I was SURROUNDED by sweets and rich foods. So like a million other people when January rolled around I committed to a "new me" and joined in on the Tone It Up Look for Love challenge. It was great, I saw results, but once it ended I lost my motivation again. See a pattern here? Once again I committed to the TIU Bikini Series, and the challenge is halfway over and I've fallen off the wagon once again. To be frank, I'm sick of my own shit. I'm tired of waking up tired. I'm tired of having ZERO energy throughout the day. Of not being capable of doing what I want to do. Of not loving how most of my clothes fit. So this morning I hopped on Pinterest and found a few workouts/challenges that I'm committing to, and I thought I would share them with you.

For whatever reason my body tends to show progress upstairs first. Meaning my arms/chest/ stomach tend to lean out and gain muscle a lot easier than my lower body. I kept that in mind and decided that I am *mostly* focusing on that right now, because once I see change it lights a fire under me to keep going. After looking through my own pins and searching around I decided on two arm challenges, a leg and bum challenge, and in case I want to mix things up a sweat through the alphabet workout. If you want to check out all the other awesome pins I found, go to my fitness board here.

I will also be tossing in a yoga sequence a few times a week. It's good for the muscles and the mind, y'all. All of that combined with a 70/30 diet and lots of water should hopefully give me the kickstart I need. Let's be honest, it's really hard to take care of others when we aren't taking care of ourselves. As a parent I know it's hard to find the time, but I am going to make time, y'all. Who's with me?

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