Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Catching Up

I feel so unbelievably awkward right now as I type this. I haven't updated this blog in around three months, and I gotta say I'm truly sorry. My life has been so hectic ( in both positive and negative ways) but I'll get into that some other time. I don't want to bore y'all. I've been poking around here I think the time has come for a blog makeover. I'm feeling a lot of change lately. My little corner of the internet originated with my pregnancy updates, so naturally I am going to bombard you with photos from Elizabeth's first birthday party! I have a post coming at you soon where I'll share how I've felt about the whole thing, but I can't keep all the photos to myself any longer.

Can you believe she's a year old? This blog is going on a year and a half old... my babies are growing so fast! I feel like I had her yesterday, blinked, and here we are. Its such a bittersweet feeling! I used to roll my eyes when people would say that about their children growing up, and now I feel guilty because it's definitely true.

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