Sunday, November 20, 2016

I'm Not Trying To Get My Body Back After Baby

Listen. I do my best to keep it real around here, and lately I've been seeing a lot of posts in my mom groups that don't sit right with me. Women posting about getting their "body back". The first time I read that I thought to myself what does that even mean? Obviously I knew they were talking about losing the weight gained during pregnancy, but it rubbed me the wrong way. Now I'm not going to sit here and act like I'm in an awesome headspace when it comes to body image all the time... because I'm totally not. If you don't know, I lost about 70 pounds before I got pregnant with Ellie. Let me tell you, I worked my ass off to lose every single pound. As you can imagine gaining 31 of those pounds back was a mental struggle, and still is. I am learning first hand that for me, it's taking twice as long to lose now. My postpartum body is different. But that's okay!

Two months before I conceived vs three weeks before delivery 

It's okay. Say that with me. IT IS OKAY! Did you say it? It really helps.... go ahead. Try it. Feels good, huh? Okay now back to business. I want to feel good when I wake up in the morning. I want to have my energy back. I want my body to perform the way it did pre baby. In all honestly, I want to look good too. Maybe that sounds superficial but I am fine with that. I'm also aware that what looks good to me might be the complete opposite to you. With all that being said, I don't want to "get my body back". My body didn't go anywhere and it worked EXTREMELY hard to give me my beautiful daughter. I want to celebrate where I am at in my journey. I want to look forward to reaching my goals for the future. I want to love who I am now... and how I look NOW. We all have bad days, sure. I have days when nothing fits right and I feel like a swamp monster. Who doesn't?

I have days of weakness where I eat like a teenage boy and can't motivate myself to get out the door for a run. I also have days where I crush P90X (my current fitness adventure) like a beast. It's all about balance. I guess after seeing one too many posts of mommas bashing themselves I just want to let you know that if your not in love with how you look, or where your at, it's okay. Your going to reach your goals! I promise you, you'll get there. But don't forget where your at now. Enjoy life because it is so short. I know I don't want to look back thirty years from now, wishing I would have done this or that.... but didn't because I was unhappy with myself in that moment. I'm working hard on myself, mentally and physically. I encourage you all to do the same, but be gentle!

Alright, I'm off my soapbox. I love you all. God Bless.


  1. Amen girl! It´s as if i am reading my diary, some days I can´t stop eating / snacking and other days I am rocking my fitness schedule... Balance it is!

  2. Great post! So important to be kind to ourselves...we gave birth after all!

    1. Thank you! And yes, kindness is so so so important!

  3. This is so amazing and such an example of true self care <3

  4. I hear you girl! My body will never be what it used to be (saggy boobs... stretch marks.... section scar... etc...) I want to love my body as well... I worked hard to lose the baby weight... but I have to accept the fact... my body will never be the way it was before. Like you said... I have two little people that was worth every bit of it! :)

  5. Such an important lesson to remember!! My body is certainly not the same after having two babies. The number on the scale may be the same, but it certainly doesn't fit into clothes the same way. This same body grew and nourished two little boys. It's amazing!

  6. This is so important. I was at my heaviest when I concieved, but because I was so sick with my pregnancy I lost almost 40 pounds. I was so happy with my post-baby body...until I wasn't sick anymore and started gaining it back because I was finally able to eat. I'm having a hard time readjusting, but you're right: I don't want to look back on this amazing time with my son and realize I was too busy focusing on the things that don't matter!

  7. Love this. Love your self first because that is what matters. Others will love you more for it!

  8. Yes! It hurts my soul when women are 2 months pp and trying to lose all of their baby weight! Snuggle your baby! There will be plenty of time for working out later!


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