Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Three Things: Christmas Trees, Baby Gear, and Thanksgiving Dinner.

I thought it would be fun to talk with you about three things that have been on my mind lately. Nothing serious, nothing heavy. Every now and then I have something that I just can't get out of my head... here are a few:

1. My Christmas tree. Now before you start typing away in the comments about how it's "too early" and that I am "skipping Thanksgiving " I assure you it's not and I am not. In my household, I like to put my tree up in early November. The longer it's up, the longer I can enjoy it! I tend to slowly add in other decorations as the month of November goes by. This year our pre lit tee had a malfunction of sorts and the lights at the top and midway down burnt out. Brandon's solution to fixing that was to just go buy strands of lights to add in. Okay, no big deal. I can handle that. What he didn't tell me was that he planned on buying colorful lights for our white light tree. So after it was all said and done, our trees areas that have both sets of working lights are beautiful. It might not be my style but it's pretty. However the middle and top look dark because there is only one set of lights.... so now I have to pick up lite so it all matches. It might have been easier to buy a new tree. We will never know. I also have an issue with little hands touching the tinsel and ornaments... so you can see they are clustered together and the branches are bent at odd angles. It is what it is... I'll fix it eventually.

2. Outgrown baby gear. Elizabeth has outgrown her swing, rock n play, bouncers, infant tub, bassinet.... pretty much anything she used as a newborn. All this stuff is taking up a lot of space, and I'm not sure what to do with it. I don't really want to pass it on to someone else or sell it. I don't have a garage where I can safely store it, I would be upset if anything got ruined.... but I don't really want to stare at it all the time. See my dilemma? Any ideas would be appreciated!

3. Our Thanksgiving menu. For the first time ever Brandon and I are hosting thanksgiving dinner in our home! I am beyond excited about this, but also overwhelmed. We have several picky eaters in the family so it's making menu planning a little difficult. Someone wants turkey, someone else only eats ham. It's basically been a back and forth struggle. The way it's looking now, there will be plenty of left overs! There's always a bright side.

That's all I have for you today, folks. What's been on your mind lately? Thank you for stopping by as always. God Bless.


  1. I know a few people who like to put their trees up in November as well. I'm ready to see the decorations and twinkly lights :)

    I wish I had advice on the baby gear. I'm in a similar position and I haven't figured out what to do either.

  2. I'm usually an early Christmas decorator too but this year with the move I'm behind! Next week it's on! Good luck hosting this Thanksgiving!


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