Monday, November 14, 2016

Clothing Haul!

It's been a LONG time since I last went to the mall with the intent to purchase multiple clothing pieces. Last year I was pregnant and didn't really want to invest in a lot of maternity wear. I gave birth in may, and for the last six months I've basically been telling myself I need to wait until I lose the rest of my baby weight before I buy anything. I can celebrate with a new, updated, amazing wardrobe splurge once I reach my goals, right? Wrong! Why should I wait and punish myself because my body might be holding on to that weight a little tighter than it would have pre pregnancy? Why should I wear clothing I'm NOT happy or comfortable in, in turn making me unhappy with my appearance? Listen up, folks. I realized that we need to love and accept where we are now before we can move forward.

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And I moved forward.... to the mall... to pick up a few things. And here we are, with a trendy (ish) fall/winter clothing and accessories haul. I don't know about your shopping preferences, but I have no problem investing in nice staple pieces. When it comes to trendy items that may only be worn one season, I would rather buy items that are inexpensive. I feel less guilty if something is only worn a few times if I didn't spend a ton on it. Maybe I'm crazy, but that's how I shop. I love stores like Forever 21 and Rue 21 for that reason! It's affordable and super cute. I hit Rue first, and picked up an adorable pair of black flats with tassels. Unfortunately I picked up the wrong size, so I'll need to exchange them... but they are adorable and I can't wait to wear them! I also picked up a rose gold monogram ring with Elizabeth's initial. I can't wear necklaces very often (Ellie has already broken two) so I tend to reach for rings and bracelets. They got me with their rack of mugs at the register! Isn't the Good Vibes mug everything?!

I desperately needed new jeans, and Forever 21 had my back. I bought two pairs of jeans very similar to the pair above for  $12.50! I couldn't find the exact pair I purchased on the website, but they are almost identical... and online they are $7.90 right now! It's a wonderful thing. I also wanted a pair of sunglasses that would look cute, but not break my heart and bank if they get messed up in my purse or while I'm doing life. I've learned the hard way that I won't keep pricey sunglasses in a hard case in my
purse. Forever 21 always has a TON of options and it was hard not to buy several pairs. In the end I settled on the pair above and they look great. I like stud earrings because my daughter can't pull them out. I saw the adorable cuff earrings and stud set and couldn't leave without them. Necessary? No. But they are inexpensive and cute. So it's fine, right?

I popped in Old Navy because one cannot go to the mall and not go into Old Navy. It's my happy place. After an hour combing the racks, I walked out with a polar bear thermal, a "baby it's cold outside" thermal and an amazing plaid top. I had a hard time passing up a promo my store had going on with socks and leggings, so a few pairs of those items came home with me as well.

I'm sure as the season continues and temperatures drop, I will be picking up a few more items here and there. When that time comes, I will definitely share! In the meantime, maybe a OOTD mom style? In the near future? You never know. I hope you all enjoyed this and I will see you soon. Thanks for stopping by, God Bless.


  1. I agree ... it's better to celebrate the body you have now than the body you're hoping to get back someday. My little one is 1.5 years old now and I thought I'd lose the last 20 lbs. after I weaned her, but no such luck. I finally decided I'd rather just celebrate my body how it is and dress it for today. I'm glad you reached the same conclusion and your picks are awesome!

  2. Good for you! My twins are 10 months old, and my body is all over the place. I finally gave in and bought clothes that fit my body NOW rather than trying to lose weight.

  3. I love this! So glad you went and treated yourself despite the extra baby weight... I'm in that exact boat right now :D Don't you love Forever 21's affordable jeans? I have a pair I got in store for 7.90 and they are holding up fairly well! You picked up several of the items I have in my Winter Capsule for SAHM's. <3

  4. It's hard to buy clothes when you're still carrying around that extra baby weight, but it's totally worth it! After three kids, I can definitely tell you to go ahead and buy a handful of things that make you feel good about yourself! Good job, mama!


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