Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Bath Time Favorites: 0-6 Months

Bath time has always been one of my favorite bonding activities with Elizabeth. Her first bath at the hospital was stressful for me, because she was sore and miserable the entire time. Honestly I don't know of many littles who have an awesome experience the first time around. They are new to the world, cold, and want their momma. Once we were home and her cord stump fell off we had a MUCH better experience and it's now her favorite activity of the day! I thought it would be fun to share with you a few of our must have bath time products from her first six months of life.

Let's start off with the main component to bath time: the tub. While I was pregnant I looked into (what felt like) a million different options. We registered for a jetted tub for her (I know, I know.) and luckily we didn't receive it at our shower. I say luckily because now that she is here I see how unnecessary that really is... but it sounded awesome at the time, okay? We eventually settled on the Summer Infant Newborn-To-Toddler Deluxe Bath Shower System. While my daughter was a newborn I LOVED this. The little sprayer that came with it was my main motivation for purchasing this tub and it made rinsing her hair a breeze. It only takes a minute to fill the compartment up with water and is detachable! Easy peasy, y'all. However as she grew and began to grow and wiggle she would slide around on the newborn seat that comes with the tub. Definitely not ideal, but if you are giving baby the attention you should be during bath time it's not a big deal. The tub is easy to clean, fits in my bathroom closet, and overall fills its intended purpose.

I don't know about you, but to me there are few scents better than a baby fresh from a bath. We have tried multiple baby washes and always come back to Johnson and Johnson. Before you jump down My throat, I have done research and made an educated decision that Brandon and I are comfortable with. We received several gift sets at my shower similar to the one pictured above and love it! She is almost seven months old and we haven't had to purchase any for her yet. We also received a few small bottles of Baby Magic wash and lotion at my shower and like that as well. But for us, J&J is our preference right now. Once our supply dwindles a little more we may venture out and try a few other brands... stay tuned!

My last bath time favorite/necessity is the aden anais wash cloths. They. Are. Awesome. We have several sets of Gerber wash cloths which I do like, but they are no where near as soft after being washed a few times. You can never have too many of these! We also love hooded towels. Y'all, there's nothing sweeter than a baby in a hooded towel. Unless they decide to pee on you before you get a diaper on them. That's not cute. Anyway, we picked up a few sets at Target and Babies R Us and they've held up great. Unfortunately, she is almost too long for them now. If you have any recommendations for longer ones, let me know. I'm not ready to give up the cuteness yet!

I hope you found my little list helpful. Elizabeth has just started playing with bath toys, and has a new "big girl" tub, so I see a update coming in the near future. Thank you all so much for stopping by, I appreciate you so much! Until next time, God Bless.


  1. Great recommendations! I need to try those washcloths!

  2. Oh I miss those itty bitty days ... we are 17 months over here! :)

  3. We still use our hooded towels at almost 20 months!

  4. I can't believe my lo is 4 months already! This just reminds me how fast they grow! Great guide! I love bathtime!

  5. Hooded towels are the best! We still use the ones we received before my oldest was born.


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