Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Mini Style: Pretty In Plaid

I've come to the conclusion that I might enjoy dressing my daughter more than I do myself. Her clothes are so sweet. It doesn't help that she's so adorable. Maybe I'm biased, but whatever. It's fine. Fall is happens to be one of my favorite seasons in general, but especially for styling. Layers, earth tones, booties... it's amazing and I know a lot of you agree. Well news flash y'all, it's even more fun when you have littles! For example, check out this Plaid topfrom Koala Baby. I'm a sucker for plaid if it's done in the right way, but it's the ruffles that got me. I can't stand it, it's so cute.

The jeans with the adorable mustard belt are also a little gem from Koala Baby (can you tell we love this brand?) and can be found at Sears or Babies R Us. The cuffed hem looks so cute with just a pair of socks,  but you could definitely throw in your favorite pair of shoes and it would be just as fabulous. I love that the belt comes off easily, which isn't always the case. I hate when belts are attached to bottoms! Word of caution: Elizabeth got ahold of hers several times, I was worried she was going to rip the flower off. I bought size 3-6 months and they were perfect in length but a little big around the waist. That's not a big deal, I'm hoping she will get more wear out of them. They washed nicely so I expect you will see this pair of jeans in a lot of mini style posts!

Accessories are everything, even for little ones.... at least they are in my book. That's why we chose a red bow and charcoal bandana bib to tie everything together. Her outfit was perfect without it, but I think it gave her that extra edge of cuteness. And don't forget the toys! Every girl needs a good toy or two to keep her happy. We went with the Infantino Unicorn and Sophie the Giraffe. They are affordable (as is everything in this post) and Elle Belle loves them. Can't beat that!

As always, thank you for reading! I'm so glad you stopped by... tell me, how do you dress your little? What are your staple clothing items? Leave me a comment below!

God Bless.


  1. How adorable! Toddler style is so cute - Target has a great line, "Cat and Jack" that we love and it's so afforadable!

    1. We love Cat & Jack too!!! Target is amazing.

  2. So sweet. I truly love shopping baby clothes!

  3. Just bought the cutest dress from Cat and Jack. Love it! We also love some booties we just got at Old Navy!

  4. Plaid and fall go perfectly together!

  5. That plaid top is too much! I just have boys so far but I would love a girl just to dress her in all those cute clothes, haha. So far we've gotten by on gifts for our boys, but otherwise we shop consignment! Finds lots of lightly used or new stuff for under $10. (I'm really cheap!)

  6. Oh I most definitely enjoy dressing my daughter more, lol. A plaid top is on my list for her for this winter :)


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