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1 Step Wondergel Nail Color Review

Hello beautiful people! I had a bit of a catastrophe with my plumbing (like not being able to do laundry, shower, or run my kitchen sink for longer than two minutes) the last few days hence why you are reading this today instead of yesterday. Confusing? A little. Let's just all take a moment of silence and thank Johnny's Sanitation for bringing back the life that I am accustomed to. Seriously, we should all take the time to appreciate our first world accommodations because living without them was a serious reality check. Okay, now let's move on!

Before I had Elizabeth I was all about my hair, makeup and nails being done all the time. Fast forward to reality, at least for me, that's nearly impossible now. I can't go get my nails done (or even do it myself) once a week. I just don't have the time and frankly, that is an unnecessary expense. I love the look and last of gel nails so I decided to hit the drugstore and see what options they had for me. 99% of gel nail kits required a light to cure the polish, which is what makes it so fabulous. Unfortunately I don't have the kind of time that requires and I didn't really want to drop around sixty bucks on one either. I realized I had two other options: polishes that came in a system (base coat, gel color, top coat) or what we are talking about today! The Wet n' Wild 1 Step Wondergel nail color.

I've loved Wet n' Wild for years! Since I was a tween, if we are honest. Over the years Wet n' Wild has stepped to their game as a brand. I honestly feel like they can compete with any drugstore brand. I have high hopes and can't wait to see what they come out with in the future. This isn't an ad, I promise. I just REALLY enjoy them. Okay, back to the product! So this polish claims it lasts up to 2 weeks of wear, no harsh removal, and it is 3 free (no formaldehyde, toluene, or phthalate)! Honestly I kinda rolled my eyes at the length of wear. I have never had a manicure last that long, but I had an open mind. After purchasing I quickly hopped on their websiteto check out exactly how I should apply and it was pretty standard instructions. I always read through reviews to find application tips, and most said to a apply two coats. I usually do that regardless of the product I'm using, so that wasn't a big deal.

Wet n' Wild gives you a fairly wide shade range with this line- 24 different shades to be exact. I went back and forth on which to buy, and decided on Pale in Comparison. I'm pretty much always down for a pale pinky nude shade and colors like this quickly reveal the quality of the polish.  After applying the first coat I was undecided, but after the second I was in love. It took some patience to get a streak free application, but it dried beautifully and set quickly. I will say this doesn't exactly resemble a true "gel" manicure, but it's nice. This shade in particular doesn't have a lot of shine after it dries, but I can't speak for the others. If you really like a high shine finish, add a topcoat. I will say they claim it is unnecessary for lasting power, so that's up to you.

Like most mommas, I'm rough on my nails. I am wrangling a baby all day, cleaning, doing laundry and dishes. Most polishes last two days without a chip, if that. My expectations were not much higher for this and fortunately I was pleasantly surprised. I painted my nails on Friday, by Monday I had a little bit of wear on the tips but absolutely no chips! I was very surprised. By Friday the tips did need touched up but were otherwise fine. I had my first chip on Wednesday, so they almost made it two weeks!

I am impressed. While this gel polish didn't exactly meet the two week claim, I think it's worth the purchase. Removal was just as they said... quick and easy. At $4.99 per bottle, I plan to try out several more shades... and I kinda hope Wet n' Wild comes out with more! This product is definitely a shining star in my collection. How about you? Have you tried this or other "at home" gel manicures? Let me know in the comments! As always, thank you for reading. God Bless.

*this is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own*

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  1. Wow thanks for this review! Sounds like it performs just as well as the Sally Hansen gel brand, and at half the price. I'm always looking for nail polish that sticks through the mom grind :)


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