Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween!

One of my favorite days of the year has arrived! Halloween!!!! The weather is perfect... gloomy and chilly. Elizabeth isn't going trick or treating this year, it seemed a little silly to take her since she's (almost) six months old. However she will be wearing a super cute and creepy sleeper as we pass out candy tonight! We plan on eating a nice meal and watching tons of movies. Hocus Pocus, anyone? I hope you all have an awesome and safe holiday. God Bless!

Saturday, October 29, 2016

1 Step Wondergel Nail Color Review

Hello beautiful people! I had a bit of a catastrophe with my plumbing (like not being able to do laundry, shower, or run my kitchen sink for longer than two minutes) the last few days hence why you are reading this today instead of yesterday. Confusing? A little. Let's just all take a moment of silence and thank Johnny's Sanitation for bringing back the life that I am accustomed to. Seriously, we should all take the time to appreciate our first world accommodations because living without them was a serious reality check. Okay, now let's move on!

Before I had Elizabeth I was all about my hair, makeup and nails being done all the time. Fast forward to reality, at least for me, that's nearly impossible now. I can't go get my nails done (or even do it myself) once a week. I just don't have the time and frankly, that is an unnecessary expense. I love the look and last of gel nails so I decided to hit the drugstore and see what options they had for me. 99% of gel nail kits required a light to cure the polish, which is what makes it so fabulous. Unfortunately I don't have the kind of time that requires and I didn't really want to drop around sixty bucks on one either. I realized I had two other options: polishes that came in a system (base coat, gel color, top coat) or what we are talking about today! The Wet n' Wild 1 Step Wondergel nail color.

I've loved Wet n' Wild for years! Since I was a tween, if we are honest. Over the years Wet n' Wild has stepped to their game as a brand. I honestly feel like they can compete with any drugstore brand. I have high hopes and can't wait to see what they come out with in the future. This isn't an ad, I promise. I just REALLY enjoy them. Okay, back to the product! So this polish claims it lasts up to 2 weeks of wear, no harsh removal, and it is 3 free (no formaldehyde, toluene, or phthalate)! Honestly I kinda rolled my eyes at the length of wear. I have never had a manicure last that long, but I had an open mind. After purchasing I quickly hopped on their websiteto check out exactly how I should apply and it was pretty standard instructions. I always read through reviews to find application tips, and most said to a apply two coats. I usually do that regardless of the product I'm using, so that wasn't a big deal.

Wet n' Wild gives you a fairly wide shade range with this line- 24 different shades to be exact. I went back and forth on which to buy, and decided on Pale in Comparison. I'm pretty much always down for a pale pinky nude shade and colors like this quickly reveal the quality of the polish.  After applying the first coat I was undecided, but after the second I was in love. It took some patience to get a streak free application, but it dried beautifully and set quickly. I will say this doesn't exactly resemble a true "gel" manicure, but it's nice. This shade in particular doesn't have a lot of shine after it dries, but I can't speak for the others. If you really like a high shine finish, add a topcoat. I will say they claim it is unnecessary for lasting power, so that's up to you.

Like most mommas, I'm rough on my nails. I am wrangling a baby all day, cleaning, doing laundry and dishes. Most polishes last two days without a chip, if that. My expectations were not much higher for this and fortunately I was pleasantly surprised. I painted my nails on Friday, by Monday I had a little bit of wear on the tips but absolutely no chips! I was very surprised. By Friday the tips did need touched up but were otherwise fine. I had my first chip on Wednesday, so they almost made it two weeks!

I am impressed. While this gel polish didn't exactly meet the two week claim, I think it's worth the purchase. Removal was just as they said... quick and easy. At $4.99 per bottle, I plan to try out several more shades... and I kinda hope Wet n' Wild comes out with more! This product is definitely a shining star in my collection. How about you? Have you tried this or other "at home" gel manicures? Let me know in the comments! As always, thank you for reading. God Bless.

*this is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own*

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Mini Style: Comfy Princess

It's that time fam! A comfy casual Mini Style this week, with a touch of princess vibes. I am seriously becoming obsessed with this series and it seems like you all are enjoying it too. It doesn't get better than that! However... while doing "research" for future posts (and by research I mean online shopping) I have purchased a copious amount of baby clothing and accessories... (would you like a haul?) just don't tell Brandon, k? K.

I, like most parents, LOVE Carter's. Their prices are easy on the wallet (for the most part) without compromising the quality of the clothing. Let's be real, babies are rough on their belongings. More than one bodily fluid will make contact with their outfit, and that will probably result in a multitude of changes in one day... which also means items will be washed quite a bit. Thankfully these long sleeved onesies are up for the job, as Elizabeth has worn hers several times and they have washed and dried wonderfully. They haven't shrunk in length, which is a big issue I've had with other brands. If you are having that issue, just lay their clothes out flat to dry. I have no idea why it took me so long to figure that out!

Anyway, I paired the onesie with cuffed jeans and our favorite socks. Of course I couldn't leave out the precious little owl and her favorite little owl and princess accessories! Click here to shop all items mentioned in this post. As always, I appreciate you all so much. Thank you so much for stopping by. God Bless!

*this is not a sponsored post. All items were bought by me and all opinions are my own.*

Friday, October 21, 2016

The Monster Mash... Costume Mash? Mash Up? I don't know.

Halloween is just around the corner, folks. Laaaaawd help me, that means Christmas is like next week! I'M SO EXCITED. To get you all in the spooky spirit (if you're not already) I came up with a collection of my favorite Halloween clothing pieces for wee ones. Whether you are a "My First Halloween" onesie type of human, or plan on going full blown costume crazy, I think it's all adorable and wanted to share some of my favorites. Personally I've went back and forth for weeks trying to decide what we are going to do for Elizabeth. This is her first Halloween and I plan on snapping approximately 10483937393 photos, but that's just me. I'm leaning towards a simple  sleeper with a cute bib, or maybe the "I put a spell on daddy" outfit pictured below. I still haven't decided, simply because that Unicorn costume is super cute! Honestly though... we don't plan to take her out, so I don't think a costume is very practical. We'll see what we actually decide in just a few days I guess!

See something you would like to purchase? Click here to go to the product list with links! Can we just talk about the adorable little socks and booties?! I think baby socks are some of the cutest things ever... but festive pairs get me every time. I want to buy them all! The bandanna bibs are also seriously cute and can possibly be used again next fall! Score! I love all of the little onesies. It gives me a chance to keep her a tiny baby for just a little bit longer.... and also gives me the opportunity to put a cute little hat on her head. Lookin' at you, black cat. No superstition here! I know I definitely want to pick up that little sleeper for Halloween night. It's too sweet not to.

I know a lot of people who are dressing up their babes, so I started looking around (which is how this post came about). I saw quite a few super cute options, but I'm a sucker for the animal costumes. I was a tiger for three years in a row, so I immediately got excited when I saw this! The monkey and lion were too cute not to include as well. This season Unicorns seem to be very popular as I came across various options for different ages/sizes. I really can't decide if this should be Elizabeth's first costume. I'm a little bit obsessed. Lastly, the classic pumpkin. The Great Pumpkin, if you will. An oldie but a goodie. You can't go wrong here! If you would like to purchase one if the mentioned costumes, click here

Guess what? A little secret between you and me? Every item mentioned in this post is on sale/clearance right now. Which basically means your getting super awesomely adorable stuff at an amazing price. I know, thank me later. So that's it fam! That's all I have for you today. As always, thank you for reading. God Bless, and be safe this Halloween!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Mini Style: Pretty In Plaid

I've come to the conclusion that I might enjoy dressing my daughter more than I do myself. Her clothes are so sweet. It doesn't help that she's so adorable. Maybe I'm biased, but whatever. It's fine. Fall is happens to be one of my favorite seasons in general, but especially for styling. Layers, earth tones, booties... it's amazing and I know a lot of you agree. Well news flash y'all, it's even more fun when you have littles! For example, check out this Plaid topfrom Koala Baby. I'm a sucker for plaid if it's done in the right way, but it's the ruffles that got me. I can't stand it, it's so cute.

The jeans with the adorable mustard belt are also a little gem from Koala Baby (can you tell we love this brand?) and can be found at Sears or Babies R Us. The cuffed hem looks so cute with just a pair of socks,  but you could definitely throw in your favorite pair of shoes and it would be just as fabulous. I love that the belt comes off easily, which isn't always the case. I hate when belts are attached to bottoms! Word of caution: Elizabeth got ahold of hers several times, I was worried she was going to rip the flower off. I bought size 3-6 months and they were perfect in length but a little big around the waist. That's not a big deal, I'm hoping she will get more wear out of them. They washed nicely so I expect you will see this pair of jeans in a lot of mini style posts!

Accessories are everything, even for little ones.... at least they are in my book. That's why we chose a red bow and charcoal bandana bib to tie everything together. Her outfit was perfect without it, but I think it gave her that extra edge of cuteness. And don't forget the toys! Every girl needs a good toy or two to keep her happy. We went with the Infantino Unicorn and Sophie the Giraffe. They are affordable (as is everything in this post) and Elle Belle loves them. Can't beat that!

As always, thank you for reading! I'm so glad you stopped by... tell me, how do you dress your little? What are your staple clothing items? Leave me a comment below!

God Bless.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Baby Update: Five Months Old!

I can't even type this y'all... I just want to cry. My baby is five months old. I don't know how that happened. Maybe I'm so sleep deprived that I'm unaware of time passing me by. Who knows. It's fun to see babies change and grow, watching them learn new things every day. It's totally wild to compare photos of her month to month. Someone I know compared hospital photos to current photos of their baby and had a meltdown. Wasn't me though, promise.

Elizabeth has learned to roll without a hitch from back to belly. She's been doing this for a while, but she's now trying to figure out how to get from her belly onto her back. She doesn't quite have the hang of it, so I'll keep you posted. She also thinks she's grown and tries her best to sit up. Again, she's not quite there but she tries her best! Sweet potatoes are still her absolute favorite and she gags over bananas. The bottle is still her number one, though.

Elizabeth is sort of all over as far as clothing goes. She's long, so 3-6m pants can be too short in length but 6-9m are too big around the waist. As far as onesies and tops go, she's in 3-6 months. I broke out some of her 6-9m clothing and it made me so sad! Those pieces looked so big. Mercy, I'm not ready. Can you tell?  She's still rockin' a size two diaper, but I think we will be moving on to a size three very soon.

Alright, I gotta go. The more I type the more upset I get. They grow in the blink of an eye. Cherish those little babes! God Bless.

Monday, October 10, 2016

New Series: Mini Style

Today is an exciting day! I've been playing around with the idea of adding a weekly(ish) series to my little place on the internet, and as a lot of you might not know I am super into fashion and styling. After having my daughter that took a backseat as I live in yoga pants, but I digress. After having a baby girl my obsession is on another level. I love getting her dressed everyday! Even on the days when she's in just a onesie and bow.... I think she's the cutest in town! Maybe I am biased, but whatever. It's fine. How fun would it be to post an OOTD of sorts once a week? Perhaps my favorite outfit she wore that week, or something I've seen that I am obsessing over. We will see where this goes! I know every post won't have photos of Elizabeth "modeling" simply because she's five months old and not always in the mood to cooperate.

This week I went through her closet and pulled the rest of her 3/6 month and 6 month clothing. It's getting chilly here in Ohio, it's time to break out long sleeves! (Can I get an amen for fall weather?!) I found this three piece set from carters.... oh my gosh. I remember receiving this set as a gift at my baby shower but I forgot about it. I immediately put this on Elizabeth and honestly I don't think it could get much more cute.

I threw on a pair of grey socks from Old Navy and a dainty grey bow from Carter's, and voila! An adorable (and affordable) outfit was born. I live for these sets because they give you a little variety, stay soft after washing and look so cute. What more could a momma ask for?

What are some of your favorite clothing items for baby?
Shop outfit here
Shop headbands here

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Halloween Cookie Party

So it's fall and the temperature, as well as my irritability, is swiftly dropping (can you hear the hallelujah choir too?). The crisp air and changing leaves will forever put me in an amazing mood. Life has been stressful for a number of reasons I'm not ready to discuss yet, (soon!) so I decided to relax with the kiddos and have a Halloween cookie party. For the record, turning a five and seven year old loose with icing in my carpeted dining room is probably the WORST way to "relax". Lesson learned.

Every December for the last decade or so the ladies in my family come together to bake a shameful amount of Christmas cookies. I decided that I would start the tradition this year with my own family, Halloween style. I decided to go with just sugar cookies for simplicity's sake. The boys loved it!

We started off with simple break and bake jack-o-lantern sugar cookies. My boys, and twin sister, are obsessed with these! They are simple and taste great. I'm not mad at it!

I also rolled out sugar cookie dough and cut out some Halloween classics: pumpkins, bats, haunted houses and black cats. However I may have dropped the ball on icing color options as I forgot black. Purple, orange and white got the job done, so no big deal right? We also had some crazy eyes and plenty of sprinkles to work with. They had a blast!

All in all a very pleasant way to spend our Saturday afternoon. I only ate two.. or three. Promise. I can't wait for our Christmas cookie party! Do you have any spooky traditions you keep with your family? Comment below!

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