Thursday, March 24, 2016

This Crazy Life

It's insane how quickly I can fall behind. On blogging. On answering emails. On housework. The last week or so has flown by. Fortunately I did get my pregnancy updates caught up! I feel like that particular content has been ruleing my blog. There are so many other things I want to share. In all honesty, it's just timing.

I have been blessed with two amazing "bonus" children, my step sons. I am thirty four weeks pregnant with my first biological child... And this could very well be my final pregnancy. Since starting this blog, I've treated it almost like a diary. I find myself looking back at posts already just to revisit the memory in a unique way. Think baby shower post, for example. 

So I'm okay with pregnancy/baby things taking over right now, as they might not ever happen again. It's so bittersweet just typing those words. I'm happy with the family I have, one hundred percent. There are a lot of components to adding another member to our already growing family. I think we have reached maximum capacity, as Brandon likes to joke! Never say never, I guess.

I appreciate every single one of you that stops by to read every update, regardless of how random or untimely they are. I'm working on variety, and setting goals for this particular platform. So hang in there, you! Although I know this probably goes without saying...but I'm having a baby in a few weeks.

Oh my gosh.  Hyperventilating.  K, I'm fine. So anyway. Posts will be irregular, and more than likely focused on Elizabeth for a few weeks. Like I said, I'm working on variety, but life is crazy and I want to stay true to posting what is relevant in my life right now. Make sense?

So all that jumble to say, I love and appreciate you, I have goals and stuff, and things will be a little more exciting around  here eventually. Ya dig? 

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