Monday, March 14, 2016

My Chill Is On Life Support

I don't like to be negative. Who does? Who honestly likes having a bad day? No one I know.

However this last week has kicked my ass. It was one thing after an other.... And I'm desperately praying for a better outlook for this week.

Between behavioral issues with my boys (I'll post about that later) breaking my very expensive and very new phone, plumbing issues, being eight months pregnant and miserable.... My chill is on life support. I have NO patience left.

Now wait. Hold on. I know. These are all most definitely "first world" problems and they may pale in comparison to others issues. That being said, it doesn't lessen the stress for me.

This week I'm asking the Lord to help me be patient, kind, and to just look forward to every day with excitement. I have my struggles (who doesn't) but I also have A LOT to be grateful for.

This week I'm focusing on getting back to normal. Back on schedule. With blogging, my kids, my home. Wish me luck! I should probably apologize for whining. If you read this entire thing, you rock! Stay tuned for my 32 week pregnancy update, a product review...  I've got some good things coming your way!

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