Monday, February 29, 2016

Sunday Adventures: Newport on the Levee

One thing I've always appreciated about Brandon (my fiancée) is his sense of adventure. It's not uncommon in our house to wake up on an ordinary day and end up in the car, driving to a random destination. Big or small, he makes it fun. Regardless of where we are going or what we are doing. I love it.

Yesterday (Sunday, February 28th) we took the boys to a local park to ride their bikes. The weather was gorgeous! Gotta love when it reaches seventy degrees in February. After riding for two miles (lots of rest breaks for this pregnant momma) we ended up at the bowling alley. I watched and cheered from a distance....picking up heavy balls and tossing them down a lane just doesn't seem like a good time for my back at this point in pregnancy. Our four year old beat his dad and big brother, with no bumpers!

Afterwards we were all STARVING (for once it wasn't just me) and the boys were convinced Frich's was the best possible option.'s 1:30 on a Sunday afternoon. It was a packed house. So we hopped on the highway and one way or another ended up in Newport.

It's only a 30-40 minute drive and traffic wasn't bad. The kids loved crossing the bridge from Ohio to Kentucky and seeing the river. It's easy to please four and six year olds, occasionally. We thought the aquarium would be a good idea, but the line alone to get in was massive. So we walked around, exploring the theatre and other shops. 

Cameron is an extremely picky eater... So we passed on some amazing restaurants. We can glance at a menu and know if he will eat at any given place. Brandon and I plan on going back this weekend. I can not pass up the grilled cheese donut one particular place was advertising. Hellllllo. It will either be disgusting or amazing. I'll let you know. After exploring and finding nothing for Cameron we decided to head back towards home. The kids were set on breakfast food. Where do you go for pancakes and eggs at four pm? That's right. IHOP.

The food was amazing (especially my cinnamon roll pancakes), there was no wait, and my boys bashed. Win for this momma. It was a laid back night after that...warm baths all around, cuddles and movie time. The best part? We made memories, didn't have to spend a ton of money to do so, and my boys had fun. You can't beat that.


  1. What amazing family time. I am so jealous of your gorgeous weather. We are still in the middle of winter here in Canada!

    1. We are expecting snow Thursday... That's Ohio weather for ya. Warm one day snowing the next Haha!

  2. Family time is so important! It builds so many good memories. :) It looks and sounds like you all had so much fun.


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