Monday, February 8, 2016

Pregnancy Update: 27 Weeks

I kinda can't believe I'm saying this, but here we are. Chatting about week 27! Can you believe that? In thirteen weeks Elizabeth's due date will be here. Realistically, she could be born in ten weeks. Ten. Let that sink in.

I thought this week I would set this update up a little differently. I'll go over some stats and then close with a bump shot. Let me know if you enjoy the change of pace!

Size Comparison: So right now Elizabeth is roughly estimated to be a little over two pounds, or the size of a Fennec Fox! How cute!

Symptoms: Things haven't changed much in this department. Body aches and fatigue. A few random bouts of heartburn. Frequent trips to the bathroom and increased appetite.

Cravings: Sweets. That sweet tooth, man. This week my obsession has been peanut butter blossoms. Best. Cookie. Ever. Definitely not the healthiest choice.

Mood: I have noticed that I seem to get a bit grumpy, especially as the weekends draw near. I think it's just a combination of exhaustion/life. I'm working hard on appreciating my blessings and kicking the negative attitude.

My baby shower date has been set for March nineteenth, the invitations are being made and my lovely family members throwing the shower have started picking things up...such as decor. I am beyond excited! Good food, good people, all gathered to celebrate my daughter. I can't wait.

As I mentioned in my last update, I had an approaching doctors appointment. I am up four more pounds (ugh) and everything looked good. We are now moving on to appointments every two weeks! Eeeek!! I am starting to look into scheduling our hospital tour, breastfeeding classes... It's getting real, fam.

I think that's it for this week! I hope you enjoyed. If you are expecting, leave me a comment and tell me how you are doing. I love connecting with other mommas! Thanks for reading!

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