Monday, February 1, 2016

Pregnancy Update: 26 Weeks

I cannot believe I am actually typing these words... But here it goes. I am 26 weeks pregnant. We have passed one viability milestone and are quickly approaching another (stay in there, little lady!) in just six days. Eleven weeks from full term, thirteen from her suggested date of arrival. This pregnancy hasn't been easy, so I am anxiously waiting for her to decide to make an appearance.

This week has been full of body aches, contractions, and cookie cravings. I've gained four pounds so far, but I have a suspicion I will see an increase on the scale at my next appointment. I blame the cookies the baby made me bake and eat.
I've never been so sick (as in cold/flu) so often in my life. I know baby is messing with my immune system, but I'm full blown sick again. Unable to talk or breathe through my nostrils.
The bump has popped quite a bit this week. The pregnancy waddle has also made its appearance...especially if I'm walking long distances. Funny and unavoidable, so I just laugh at it.
Fortunately baby and I are on a positive streak with no complications, so I'm enjoying it while I can! Stay tuned for next week's bump shot and a doctors appointment recap in the update!

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