Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Nursery Vibes

Since August (when I found out I was pregnant) I began dreaming up what our new little humans nursery would look like.  I was totally convinced I was having a boy, and planned accordingly. Think lots of light tones and lambs everywhere! Even though I'm not into super cutesy things, this lamb bedding from Babies R Us stole my heart.

As you know, we are expecting a girl! Believe me, when I found out I was completely over the moon. There was a slight undertone of anxiety because I had everything picked out for a boy. For seventeen weeks I was planning for another male member of the family and BAM! My plans went down the tubes. 

So I immediately hit up Pinterest (follow me here!) for inspiration, as anyone would. I firmly believe Pinterest can solve almost any problem. I may or may not be addicted. It's an issue. Anyway... I knew I wanted light colors such as pale gray, blush, white, and touches of Gold. I am also a firm believer that you can NEVER go wrong with gold.
My style throughout my home is a little country, a little farmhouse, and a little shabby chic. At least it will be once it's finished. After living in our new home for two months, I have made TONS of plans/vision boards (thanks Pinterest) and can't wait to tackle them one at a time. I want Elizabeth's nursery to reflect that style, but still maintain a tone of soft feminity as well. We've decided on VERY pale gray walls. I am not a huge fan of the effect that my little humans tend to have on all white walls, and gray is one of my favorite shades to decorate was a no brainier for this momma.

I knew I wanted white furniture (its my weakness) and our crib is being purchased as a gift from a family member. How amazing is that?! My next focus was storage. Her closet is TINY and has no shelving whatsoever. Not ideal for itsy bitsy baby things. I want a dresser that will double as a changing table for sure. I want to buy something old and solid that will fit the vibe of her room. I'm not worried about finish or hardware, I can easily change those things. I've been looking for a while, I just waiting to come across the perfect piece. Honestly, that's not going to offer enough storage. 

I kept looking and found this wonderful idea!I love how they used tension rods to hang clothes. That would be an adorable way to practically display some of her (my) favorite outfits. The other shelves offer so many options to store and display other lovely items and gives me a little bit of space to decorate as well. I love it.  Again, I see this as a fun DIY project. 

The nursery is L shaped, which I love and hate. I believe I will also have room for a cube storage unit, which will provide me with more storage. I am the type that likes everything to have a home...clutter makes me insane.

Bedding has been something I've went back and forth on for a while. I wasn't really planning on investing much simply because she will not be sleeping in her crib for a while. I planned on buying a white and gold crib sheet and crocheting a gray blanket for her...basically for looks until she is older. Online shopping man. It's done me in again. While on Babies R Us' website poking around, I found this.

Yep. It's everything I've ever wanted in bedding. Light and bright. Floral. Absolutely gorgeous. It fits in with my vision. When I saw it I immediately went to Instagram to rave about it. Ahhhh. Brandon wasn't super impressed by the price tag, and I'm not either honestly. But I NEED it. 

I stumbled upon these adorable letters covered in flowers as wall decor. How precious?! Again, an easy DIY project. I'm sure if you are not the DIY type, or just lack the time, you can find something similar on Etsy. You can customize the types of flowers and colors you use to fit in any room. This would look good anywhere in your home! I'm obsessed. 

I plan on starting the hard work aka painting and replacing the baseboards in her bedroom in a few weeks. I'm thinking mid March. I'm holding off on doing anything else until after the baby shower and then I will be in total organize/decorate mode. In the meantime I need to make decisions for things such as window treatments, rugs, and if we are going to change out her light fixture. 

Alright. I've rambled on far too long. One last thing. Do you have any ideas as to what I could add or improve in my little girls room? Advice? Just wanna chat? Leave me a comment or reach out to me on other social media! I would love to hear from you. As always, thanks so much for reading. You are amazing.

*** photos are from Pinterest and belong to the original pinner. All credit belongs to them***


  1. Ahhh! I am a little jealous of your ability to decorate! We just moved across the country and my little girl's nursery is no more. Now we are expecting number two and don't even have a room for him! Haha! Soon I will be able to have our dream décor. Meanwhile, I will live vicariously through you! The room is going to look amazing!

  2. Love this! I'm currently 17, almost 18 weeks, and I am just now looking at our nursery decor. I have so many ideas for it and it feels like so little time to implement everything I want to do! Love this inspiration though :)


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