Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Baby Gear Dreamin'

So let's talk baby gear. Since August, when I found out about this little peanut, I have been dreaming about her nursery...and also her gear. Swings, co sleepers, bassinets, pack n plays, travel systems. The list goes for days! I've done quite a bit of research and after multiple trips to Babies R Us and Target, we finally registered for some big ticket items.

Like I said in my Nursery Vibes post, I'm not super  into cutesy stuff. Brandon however feels the exact opposite. After two boys, he has been all about pink everything and frills everywhere! It's been fun to see him get so excited. That brings us to the matching swing and bouncer that he just HAD to have. Fisher Price Rose Chandelier was our preferred style.

We then decided on the Summer Infant lil Luxuries Whirlpool Spa in, you guessed it, pink. This is totally unnecessary and a complete splurge as far as baby bathtubs are concerned. We both thought it was awesome and decided if we receive it as a shower gift, awesome. If not, we will probably purchase something else. 

The Ingenuity 3-in-1 Deluxe Highchair in Ashton was a last minute add on for us. I'm not super excited about the print, but the reviews and capabilities of this particular piece of gear far outweigh the print options. Looks aren't everything, yo. I like that it can strap to a chair, but also comes with the option to use it as a traditional Highchair. Granted we won't be using this for a little while...but I definitely want to snag it before then.

Lastly let's look at travel systems. This has been the biggest pain! I'm still not one hundred percent sold on what we picked. However I wanted to include it in this post because as of right now we are registered for and plan to use the Graco FastAction Fold Click Connect travel system in Alexis. It has good reviews and safety ratings. From what other parents have told me, it's a solid affordable option.

So that's that! As we  receive/ purchase items I will give an update! Eventually, as Elizabeth gets to use this stuff, I will review and give my opinions on them as well. I thought it would be fun to give y'all a peek into our registery and we plan on using. As always, thanks for reading. You're awesome! 

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